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Shoebox Service

Bookkeeping services performed at your location. Most entrepreneurs are too busy to maintain a proper set of accounting records. This service will sift through all of your receipts, invoices, checks, and other documents, and then prepare accurate, properly formatted financial statements.

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Bookkeeping Clean-Up

This service is one of our most popular services. We will come to your location and clean up your records. The result of this service is an accurate, properly formatted set of income statements for use in preparing taxes or obtaining a loan. Bookkeeping clean-up is the first step in getting your books in order so you can have accounting records and finanacial statements when you need them.

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CFO Services

This service performed at your location will record all of your financial events and transactions. We will complete all bookkeeping services, create and file all tax filings, process payroll, and complete your year end financial statements.


Daily Services

Bookkeeping services performed at your location on multiple days each week.

Consulting Services

Bookkeeping services performed at your location one time per week.

Monthly Services

Bookkeeping services performed at your location one day each month. Our most popular service option.

New Business Formation

Get expert advice on starting, or expanding, your business. Business ownership structure, strategic advice, business plan writing, assistance in obtaining financing.

Financial Statements

Trial Balance
Adjusted Trial Balance
Income Statement
Owner's Equity Statement
Balance Sheet--and More

Bookkeeping Training

Learn to do your own bookkeeping with our exclusive, one-on-one training. QuickBooks and proprietary software and excel training and set-up. Save money and do it yourself.

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